"We must fill the eyes and ears of all of us with things that are at the beginning of a great dream..."

Nostalgia, Andrej Tarkovskij

My collaboration with Stefano De Ponti and Shari DeLorian started at the end of 2015 under the name "Forking Paths" and between November and February 2016 we presented our work in Venice at Spazio Aereo, at Acud Macht Neu in Berlin and at Art Rotterdam.

After these experiences we have focused on the concept and the relations of our individual research, to find common references between our cultural backgrounds and visions that we have of the present around us, refering at the great masters and at the same time following the voices who seem useless.

The Verge of Ruin, is now.

2016/09/14 Audiovisiva, Milano

The Verge of Ruin - Trailer from Yolenth van den Hoogen on Vimeo.