Last Nation

Last Nation is a solo exhibition of Folkert de Jong in which he discusses themes of power, economy, politics, war, and ecology, often utilizing humor to make these topics accessible to wide audiences, ultimately creating a balance between the lightness of materials and colors with the gravity of the historical narrative. De Jong notes that “the Dutch seem to be very proud of their historical conquests.” Last Nation speaks to a world in which the dispossessed are still experiencing pain, a world in which the manufacture of theft and the political economy of stealing creates territories of containment.

For the opening of the exhibition on 2018/04/07 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson Arizona, I created a video to accompany his performance with the Upfront Soundlab Amsterdam. See the trailer below and some stills withdrawn from it.

Last Nation - Trailer from Yolenth van den Hoogen on Vimeo. Nation71.jpg Nation3.jpg Nation17.jpg Nation12.jpg Nation21.jpg Nation35.jpg Nation32.jpg Nation34.jpg Nation26.jpg Nation36.jpg Nation56.jpg Nation53.jpg Nation58.jpg Nation63.jpg Nation70.jpg