Are you afraid to dive into the plasma pool ?
Are you afraid to be destroyed and recreated ?

Folkert de Jong proposed me to create a film using footage captured at his period during the Rijksakademie and to mix these with my images.
This film accompanies the performance and composition of Folkert with Upfront.
This joined project was first brought to the gallery of Fons Welters in Amsterdam during his solo exhibition 'Court of Justice', for the second time at EYE in Amsterdam and for the third time at Art Rotterdam 2016 together with 75B at Intersections. Image-54.jpg Image-07.jpg Image-56.jpg Image-49.jpg Image-45.jpg Image-16.jpg Image-31.jpg Image-26.jpg Image-10.jpg Image-02.jpg Image-47.jpg Image-12.jpg Image-35.jpg Image-44.jpg Image-13.jpg Image-17.jpg Image-28.jpg Image-55.jpg