Yolenth van den Hoogen is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. She completed her study as a textile designer and worked as a stylist for photography for many magazines, brands and campains, as well as a costume designer for film.

Her fascination for structures and rhythms in patterns she found back in photography of landscapes. She started to work on polaroid to capture the origin of perception and now travels to find parallel worlds: how do we perceive reality and how we try to create order and disorder in an imaginary mindscape.

‘As a child I was sensing, that there had to be a different perspective within the reality we perceive. Something I couldn't put into words. I found out in a later stage of my life that photography and moving images could give me the possibility to capture this. The spaces as we know them, to let them become new spaces, free from the references we learned. An environment in which we are able to walk around, to touch. It is a voyage into the unknown, anything can happen.’

Her works have been selected and exposed in Italy for Analogica 2015.
As part of the Verge of Ruin at Spazio Aereo Venice in 2015, Milano Film Festival - Audivisiva 2016, Sonospace at Acud Macht Neu Berlin in 2016 and at Art Rotterdam in 2016

In The Netherlands with Folkert de Jong at the Eye Film Museum and Galery Fons Welters in 2016.
She is also a member of the YAE collective - their works were part of the exhibition 'Weird Science' at the GEM in The Hague in 2017

Her video for 'Doctrine of Salvation' from Folkert de Jong is in 2017 added to the collection of the Gemeente Museum in The Hague and on permanent view

In September 2017, she joined a month of residency at Arteles in Finland

At Galerie Sehnsucht in Rotterdam in 2018 as part of the group exhibition Wunderkammer, curated by Rommert Boonstra, with her photographic work 'Scream'

At the MOCA in Tucson Arizona USA in 2018 with the opening of the solo exhibition from Folkert de Jong 'Last Nation'. Her video was screened during Folkert's performance with the Upfront Soundlab Amsterdam

At Blank Wall Gallery in Athens Greece as part of the group exhibition Black&White with her photographic work 'Planetary Void'. On view from the 4th until the 16th of January 2019

At the London Experimental Film Festival with her video 'Crossing' that was selected and screened on the 11th of January 2019