YAE is the expressive stage of a production unit consisting of stylist
Yolenth van den Hoogen, photographer Aatjan Renders and makeup artist
Esther Goldstein.

From the the 22nd of april until the 20th of august 2017 a selection of our photo's and a video will be on view at GEM in The Hague by invitation of Folkert de Jong during his exhibition 'Weird Science'.

For more information and a closer look at our work you can travel to: YAE

http://yolenth.com/files/gimgs/th-57_Pierrot Lunaire YAE.jpg
http://yolenth.com/files/gimgs/th-57_Noémie YAE.jpg
http://yolenth.com/files/gimgs/th-57_Tinotenda YAE.jpg